Unique Brand Concept Gets A Fully Customizable Website

Storage By Owner Website Design & Development


Storage By Owner is intending to be the Airbnb of storage spaces. They offer a unique concept allowing customers to rent out a space for their things, instead of for themselves. This gives homeowners who have an extra room, but don’t feel comfortable having people stay there, rent out that room for storage. It can also be perfect for those who have a garage or an attic they don’t use, retail stores with extra space, and even malls that may have unrented suites. Storage By Owner will be primarily located in Los Angeles, with views to expand towards the rest of the country as they continue to grow.

A practical and unique website was designed
for a practical and unique business concept.

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With a brand new website now in place,
all that's left is to get the word out about the brand.


Storage By Owner’s brand new website will be the key to helping their business gain traction. They’ll be able to market their brand towards their website that offers a user-friendly design, making it easy for new customers to find and list storage spaces on their website.

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