A Modern Look for a Data-Heavy Platform

NCWM Website Design & Development


NCWM (The National Conference of Weights and Measures) oversees organizations and companies that market items with weights or measures to maintain standards across the industry. NCWM came to SPINX hoping to modernize their website appearance and make their platform easier to use for both staff and site goers alike.

NCWM needed a website that was intuitive for its users and could store various
administrative data points, and SPINX was up to the challenge to help them achieve this.

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The new NCWM website is the perfect blend of aesthetic design and
functionality - its simple interface makes the process much easier on its users.


The NCWM team was a delight to work with. Their collaboration and cooperation helped deliver a new website that both parties can be proud of. This project was unique for SPINX in the sense that it was our largest data-driven project - there was integral importance to managing user data and information in an effective way. This project took us out of our comfort zones, and we look forward to applying what we've learned with NCWM to future websites.

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