Freshly Groomed Website For Veterinary Dermatologist

Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology Website Redesign


Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology is an independent veterinary clinic that helps pet owners with flea and tick control for their pets, as well as allergies, auto-immune disease, and middle ear disease. When the clinic came to us, they had an old website that was unattractive for new users and difficult to navigate. They desired a website that could reflect a more community feel rather than a veterinary clinic, and give users easy access to their contact information.

What we created for Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology is a one page, easily navigable website with all of the important information they needed right on the homepage. While scrolling down the page, users have a Question and Answer section that helps vaguely diagnose the problems their pets may be having. When they find a question that corresponds to what they are experiencing, clicking on said question will give them a potential answer, giving users an idea of the issue before going to see the veterinarian.

Below the Question and Answer section, users will be able to discover more about the people who work at the clinic. The main veterinarian has a lengthy bio, presenting a single paragraph about herself with additional information under the “Read More” button. Smaller bios are available for the other employees working at Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology. The idea behind this was to give the website a community feel and give users the chance to “get to know” the people working at the clinic.

Following the bios, users are able to set up and request an appointment through a system called Vetter. This system allows users to request to drop off their pet for a procedure, to schedule an appointment, to schedule a follow-up, or anything else that they may need for their pet. Clients are also able to see a calendar, where they can see what time slots are available to schedule their appointment.

At the bottom of the page, users are able to see the clinic’s hours of operation and their location. Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology specifically requested that we add a Bing map link so their Yelp reviews could automatically be pulled once the link is clicked on.

In the end, Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology ended up with a user-friendly, simple to navigate website that encourages users not only to contact them directly, but to schedule their own appointments and get to know the clinic staff better. With a more community driven website, Monterey Bay Animal Dermatology is able to relate to the client and show them that seeking expertise for your pet does not always have to be complicated or intimidating.

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