A Beautiful Website Redesign For A Mental Health Non-Profit

Lawyers Depression Project Website Design & Development


Lawyers Depression Project is a non-profit that is designated to helping lawyers, judges, and other law professionals overcome various mental health issues. When they came to us, they already had a website set up, however they were hoping for something that would look and feel a tad more professional. The website that we designed for them was made to encourage people to join their community, and make them feel that they were in a safe place.

We started out this project with a discovery phase to know more about their brand. We worked with them to pick out branding and colors, and applied everything we learned about them to the strategy and the design phases of the website. We made sure to add more depth to the information they already had displayed on their old site, and laid out the benefits of joining the community, as well as FAQs and testimonials from their more active members. All of the images displayed on the Lawyers Depression Project website are calming and peaceful, which conveys a message of hope across the different pages of the site.

The new website was built on Wordpress, giving the Lawyers Depression Project team easy access for managing the site, editing different elements on the site, and adding, deleting and editing blog posts. We included a “Teams” section where users can learn about the founders and facilitators who are in association with Lawyers Depression Project, and give the team themselves the ability to add members as they continue to grow. The entire website was built to be flexible and capable of growing with the non-profit however they need and require during their journey.

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