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Lavi Ecommerce Redesign & Development


Founded in 1979, Lavi is the largest manufacturer of public guidance products. Offering stanchions, rope and post barriers, premium railing systems, store merchandising fixtures, and electronic queue management systems, Lavi is the industry leader with their well-designed solutions providing the best experience to customers waiting in line.


  • Marcom Gold Award WinnerMarcom Gold AwardBusiness to Business Category
  • Hermes Gold Award WinnerHermes Creative AwardsGold Award in Website Design, B2B & Corporate Websites
  • Communicator AwardsCommunicator AwardsThe 24th Annual Communicator Award of Distinction for Websites

Most people hate waiting in line, but Lavi was the
expert at improving that experience. Unfortunately their
website needed major improvements to showcase this
expertise and revamp their ecommerce experience.

Key Team Members

  • Project Lead
    Sukesh Jakharia Project Lead
  • Project Manager
    Lisa Steward Project Manager
  • Project Manager
    Ryan Smith Project Manager
  • Lead Developer
    Keyur Ajmera Lead Developer
  • Lead Designer
    Jeffrey Lo Lead Designer
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A completely customized solution delivered
the website Lavi had dreamed about.


From the initial wireframes brought to us by Lavi, we knew that this ecommerce redesign was going to be invigoratingly complex. Thanks to careful planning, design strategy, and development, we were able to create a custom masterpiece that catered to Lavi's every need.

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