A Young and Hip Website for Baby Boomer Lifestyle Blog

Jaunty Website Design


Jaunty, a for-profit, lifestyle blog dedicated to affluent couples, is dedicated to providing content that exudes pride in one’s age, rather than avoiding it and obsessing over looking younger. The blog posts written on Jaunty teach baby boomers to enjoy their lives and their age, and all posts focus on the couple, rather than specifically women or men.

This lifestyle blog was in need of a young, hip design
that would invite their readers to embrace their age.

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The new design features both blogs and products
in a modern, inviting way for readers, both new and recurring.


In the end, we were able to create a modern, joyful website for Jaunty that not only gave them the ability to publish various blog posts under different categories, but also display their featured affiliate products. The website has a light, airy feel to it, and does not make users feel like they are being pushed products unnecessarily. Additionally, the website is easy for Jaunty to update on the back end both post-wise and product-wise.

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