Online Marketing Tips: Use Action Keywords For Facebook Engagement

Online Marketing Tips

Use Action Keywords To Shake Up Your Business Facebook Page

You’ve got a company Facebook page. You’ve set up a killer social media editorial calendar. You spent a considerable amount of time scouring the web for insightful and interesting content to regularly post for your fans. It might be true that your average Facebook post reaches only 12% of your followers, but even those followers seem to be asleep. What gives? The answer might be a matter of not what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. If you’re using your business Facebook page as a source of information, you’re only halfway there. The purpose of social media is to be social and to engage with your friends, so do it! Shake up your posts with a few action keywords; according to Buddy Media, the most effective action keywords are ‘post,’ ‘comment,’ ‘take,’ ‘submit,’ ‘like’ or ‘tell us.’

Awesome Tip. Now Show Me How To Use It

There are many ways you can use these keywords, but keep in mind that it’s not entirely necessary to use the keywords verbatim. We’re sure your followers would appreciate it if you mixed up the lingo once in awhile to avoid monotony. Instead, be a little creative with your copy when asking your followers to take action. These keywords are meant to increase conversion rates and the main goal should be that your fans are actually taking action. That said, mix a few in your social media editorial calendar, then make sure to monitor your results to see which action keywords work best for your business!

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