How do Law Firms Efficiently Organize their Websites?

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How do Law Firms Efficiently Organize their Websites?

It seems that most law firm websites organize their content in similar ways. They provide all of the basics (introductory home page, contact info, area of expertise, etc.), which is helpful, but they also suffer from a few common problems.

For some, you have to click around the site to find the information that you’re looking for; it’s not immediately obvious. Other firms just dump a lot of copy onto the page. You have to decipher paragraphs of legalese to figure out the parameters of the firm’s practice.

It may be less difficult for a professional who actually understands law, but for the masses trying to contact the firm and decipher if the firm’s practices apply to his or her particular situation, being clobbered with “law speak” when you arrive on a website might be too overwhelming.

On the other hand, most firms still want to project authority and professionalism, so excluding industry language altogether isn’t necessarily a great option either.

There’s another factor to consider as well. People are often intimidated when dealing with lawyers simply because law is detailed and technical and, whether or not it’s warranted, attorneys don’t exactly have a reputation for keeping clients’ best interests at heart. If you have a confusing or overly complicated website, you may scare off potential clients.

Is there a solution?

Rather than inundating browsers with copy or legalese, Quinn Emanuel takes a different approach. When you arrive on the home page, you’re met with big, bold text that simply spells out the name of the firm, and includes a short quote of praise from The Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, in the background, you see a faded image of the different cities in which they’re located.

The visual layout is deliberately sparse in an attempt to avoid overwhelming visitors, and make them feel welcome. On the same page, you’re presented with a few select pages to click on. Using color schemes and orientation, the website emphasizes 3 main pages: “Practice Areas”, “Find Attorneys” and “Recent Victories”.

Every page that you click relies on the same visual presentation. A wide layout with simple, large text. The overall look is sleek and professional, and doesn’t rely on chunky paragraphs, stock images, or uninspired colors.

Plus, despite being a large international law firm, Quinn Emanuel’s website doesn’t feel unruly. Often, if you want to learn more about a topic on a particular page, you merely scroll down for further reading.

Meanwhile, every section of the site can be accessed from whatever section you happen to be on through clear, clickable header text. SPINX Digital designed the website to meet users on their terms, so that they can easily navigate the content that’s most relevant to them. The overall experience is welcoming, informative and professional, while emphasizing clear paths of contact for interested visitors. This site was just awarded Best in Class at the IMAs.

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