10 Tips To Get Your E-Commerce Website Ready For Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday falls on December 2nd this year and is the biggest online holiday shopping event of the year. According to Ignition One, consumers will spend 11% during this Thanksgiving weekend than they did last year, boosting sales from $582 million to $646 million. Of this, they claim that 30% of shoppers will avoid the crowds and do all of their shopping online, up from 25% last year.


If you’re an e-commerce site, we trust that you’ve already prepped, polished, and stocked up on the goods needed to handle the crowds, but here’s a checklist of essential last minute tips and tricks you need to ensure a smooth Cyber Monday for your business.

Essential Last Minute Checklist For Cyber Monday

  • Stock Up: Make sure you can handle the rush. Don’t promote it if you don’t actually have it in stock. If you’ve run out of an item, make sure your website is updated as soon as possible.
  • Go Mobile: According to Ignition One, 19% of consumers will make their purchases this year on their tablets and 18% will shop using their smartphones. QA your website and make sure your site is responsive!
  • Email Marketing: Don’t overdo it, but make sure to send out an email blast to remind your customers of your Cyber Monday deals.
  • Prepare For Shipping: Get your logistics under wraps and make sure your goods can actually make it to your customers in time for Christmas. Make sure you have express shipping capabilities.
  • Market Research: Promote and focus on your three top selling items. Instead of trying to sell your customers everything on your site, go for your big sellers.
  • Create Lists: Make it easy for your customers and create custom lists with clear call to actions (Holiday Gifts For Him/Her, Gifts Under $50, Presents For Your Coworkers, etc). Make sure these are highly visible on your landing page!
  • Landing Pages: Your website needs to be updated to reflect the current holiday and your sale; make sure you’ve deleted all signs of Halloween sales from your website!
  • Prep Your Site: Your goal is to have a ton of traffic to your site on Cyber Monday. The worst case scenario? Your site is too slow to handle the crowds. Make sure your site is optimized to handle the traffic.
  • Social Media: We noticed our first Thanksgiving sale promotion on Facebook around mid-October. It was a touch premature then, but now is the time to kick it into high gear! Promote promote promote.
  • Pinterest: First, make sure you have your items on Pinterest. Then, make sure your product pages are clearly marked and promoted on Pinterest. TIP: Add a price tag ribbon to your item on Pinterest by including the price with the dollar sign in the descriptions. Voila! Your customers will be able to see the item, price, and a description. When they click on the item, they will be rerouted back to your website to finalize the sale.

These last minute tips will ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers, will help you catch those potential lost sales, and will make sure you get the most out of Cyber Monday. Happy holidays!

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