10 Best Startups of 2015: What Will the Future Bring?

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10 Best Startups of 2015: What Will the Future Bring?

Our economy is rebounding, but many people are still turning to non-traditional, creative ways to get into the workforce. One of the most popular ways to do this is through a startup. They are full of determined, creative people, and their presence has improved our workforce greatly.

As with most innovations, the best startups are the ones that stand out from the rest. These are the ones that blossom into full-fledged, world-changing businesses and will continue influencing the economy, labor force, and outlook of their fields for years to come. We’ve gathered a list of the top startups in the country and around the world to show you how they stand out.

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Gigya is located in Mountain View, California. Their industry is customer identity management. Every day, they help companies determine how to retain existing customers and bring in new ones using permission-based identity data. Gigya mastered the art of keeping all this data organized and secure, so companies they work with don’t fear information and identity breaches. Additionally, Gigya segments customers into manageable groups, so companies can build rapport with individual people.

When it comes to their own employees, Gigya provides a warm and friendly work environment. They have pet-friendly offices and offer catered lunches weekly. They also boast a game room with Ping-Pong tables, a Nintendo-64 system, and comfortable beanbag chairs.


Located in Irvine, California, Kareo’s industry is medical software. They have a large talent pool praised as one of the smartest groups of people in the industry. A recruiter who has been with the company a year says, “I still feel like I’m on my honeymoon [and] make a significant contribution to the organization most every day.” Kareo offers a wide variety of medical software, including DoctorBase, EHR, and Kareo Medical Billing. It offers short, informative videos online for doctors and other medical professionals that explain its range of services and how to make different software work together for improved medical practice.


Headquartered in New York City, NY, Zerve is a travel and tourism startup. Employees praise their “excellent mentors,” as well as Zerve’s dedication to purpose, learning, and focus. Zerve offers a wide variety of tourism options rather than sticking to New York and nearby states. Any website visitor can plug in his or her destination and find a plethora of tours, cruises, shows, and other activities. In fact, Zerve boasts over 30,000 tourism options from all around the United States. Website users can specify whether they’re looking for morning, evening, or afternoon activities and book activities according to factors like ratings or budget.


Spiceworks is an information technology startup in Austin, Texas. As the name indicates, employees say their managers do a great job of “mixing things up and keeping it interesting.

What is “it,” exactly? It’s a top-rated company promising jobs for “IT Revolutionaries.” Spiceworks offers a free suite of IT management software aimed at simplifying IT professionals’ jobs and workloads. Additionally, Spiceworks employees are offered great benefits, such as full access to an on-site gym, free drinks and snacks, covered parking, and a casual dress code. Spiceworks boasts a huge team of employees, which keeps the talent pool fresh and versatile.


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Eco-Wave Power 

This company’s slogan is “Energy Reinvented” because they are dedicated to providing clean technology with an environmental conscience. Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, EWP offers solutions to the problems found in traditional wave power technology, such as ocean pollution.

Their Wave Clapper and Power Wing devices transmit wave power through uniquely shaped buoys reducing pollution and protecting their systems from mechanical injuries. EWP’s systems are located directly in the water, which helps them transmit electricity and data to shore more quickly and reliably than competitors.


Memeoirs is one of the most adaptable startups, with locations in Dublin, Milan, and Lisbon. Employees are technologically savvy with specialized training in new technology and applications like Bit Bucket, Hip Chat, and Skype. This makes their service fast and reliable.

Memeoirs provides a unique service, promising their customers “your life in a book.” Using the service is like writing your memoirs with the aid of a computer and well-trained staff. Memeoirs uses your conversations, dates, photos, and important memories to craft a book that tells your life story the way you want. Customers can choose from a digital, paperback, or hardback book at prices ranging from $10 to $50. Memeoirs also clears customers’ content of redundancy, reply quotes, and other mistakes that might make a book unpleasant to read.

Electric Imp 

With locations in Los Altos, California and Cambridge, England, Electric Imp succeeds in part because it caters to an international clientele. However, many other businesses do that, too. What makes this startup unique is its platform. Electric Imp sells and implants chips that can be connected to almost any electronic device in the world.

Many of today’s consumers find microchips frightening because they don’t like the idea of being tracked and don’t want their privacy compromised. Electric Imp understands this and integrates seamless, tight security into every device where a chip is implanted. They also offer solutions every employer needs, including methods to increase productivity and streamline marketing.

Smart Vineyard 

As dependent as we are on technology, agricultural businesses are still relevant across the world. Smart Vineyard operates under Quantislabs, Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary. They use sensors, microclimate monitoring, and other technology to predict diseases in grapes. Subsequently, vintners save the time and money it would take to repair and replace disease-ravaged crops. Smart Vineyard is also environmentally conscious; their offerings include software that helps vintners determine where and when to spray pesticides based on weather conditions and other factors. This reduces pesticide use and guarantees healthier grapes and wines.


Whether you manage a traditional brick and mortar store or an online one, your retail business can benefit from StoreSense. It serves shopping malls as well as smaller retail locations from its home base in London, England. From London, StoreSense runs an expo that provides retailers with detailed analytics of their stores’ inner workings. Retailers can use these analytics to improve customer relations, sales, internet presence, and employee relations.

Retailers new to the expo can request a demo account online, as well as a guided tour. Additionally, StoreSense’s website now has a burgeoning blog featuring topics like the expo’s technology overview and the pros and cons of iBeacons.


Do machines have emotions? This startup thinks they can, and it’s empowering machines with them to help work efficiently and more effectively serve their users. EmoShape’s products can be connected to devices like computers and utilize common software, including text-to-speech.

Their Emotion Processing Unit helps machines “feel” what they say. For example, text-to-speech software can modulate its voice, so what you hear repeated back to you no longer sounds robotic. Robots and speaking devices can also modulate their voices and learn positive social interactions from human operators. This promises to be a breakthrough in thousands of career fields and for several different populations.

For example, EmoShape’s products can help people with communication-related disabilities express emotions through devices. This will reduce misunderstandings about what these people want or need, and it will assist people with disorders like autism or Asperger’s Syndrome in communicating empathy.

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