Delivering a New Website for a Multi-Purpose Delivery App

Bid2Bring Website Redesign


Bid2Bring is a new concept created by Simon Bower. Through the mobile app, there are two types of users - the Bringers and the Customers. The app acts as a delivery system where Customers can ask a Bringer to pick up an item - any kind of item - from one location, and drop it off to a location of their choosing. It is ideal for not only food deliveries, but also for buying furniture when you do not have a truck to transport it or even getting groceries when you do not have the time to shop for them. The website we designed encourages users to download the iOS or Android app onto their phones.

Although Bid2Bring already had a website set up to lead potential clients to the app store, it was not optimized for conversion, and many elements were confusing or unclear. We made sure to target both demographics through the homepage and designed a landing page for Bringers and for Customers. This way, both have access to more information about how the app works for them. We used a lot of imagery to help users imagine themselves in the scenarios presented and encourage them to convert and download the app, as well as to give them a moment to pause and absorb the informational copy as they’re scrolling through the page.

We used eye-catching iconography throughout the website while keeping a minimal style overall. Anchor links on each page help users navigate through the different sections of each page, but the pages were kept short and sweet - straight to the point. The website is easy to skim through and designed for conversion towards the iOS and Android app, helping Bid2Bring gain traction and become a go-to application for deliveries of all kinds.

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